Your Family Dentist Can Provide Dental Services for the Entire Family

Posted on: February 9, 2016


If you are looking for a family dentist to provide dental services for your entire family, call (336) 387-7944 to schedule an appointment with J David Civils DDS.  In our Greensboro, NC dentist office we treat young children on up to seniors.  That means that your toddler and grandma can visit our 27401 office for their dental checkup and teeth cleaning.  As a result, you will have less running around to do and more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.

We Treat Generations of Greensboro Families

As a local dentist, J David Civils DDS has treated generations of families in the 27401 area.  We enjoy watching children grow while being able to treat parents and grandparents.  As a family dentist, this is a unique way to practice that provides a continuity of care for our patients.  For example, when you and your children have a dental check up together, we can identify trends in parents and grandparents that may impact the children in the future.  If parents have weak enamel and are prone to developing cavities, children may be as well.  That knowledge allows us to prevent many common dental problems by applying solutions ahead of time.  To experience firsthand how this can benefit your family, call (336) 387-7944.

J David Civils DDS Treats Special Needs Patients

If someone in your family has difficulty visiting the dentist due to anxiety or a physical or mental condition, we encourage you to bring them to our family dentist office.  Our team is both highly-trained and incredibly caring.  We work with special needs patients by helping them to first feel comfortable and safe and then we begin to treat their teeth and improve their oral health. J David Civils DDS will partner with you to create a plan for their care.

Solutions from a 27401 Family Dentist

As a Greensboro dentist, we can provide your family with preventative services like a dental checkup and teeth cleaning.  If you develop any cavities or infections, we can treat them with a dental filling, root canal or dental crowns.  As an emergency dentist, we restore damaged teeth using dental crowns, veneers, bonding, implants and other solutions as required.  We strive to provide all of the dentistry services your family could need under one roof.

Emergency Dentist Services for Children, Adults, and Seniors

You never know when a tooth will become chipped on the basketball court while biting into a caramel apple or simply eating dinner.  If anyone in your family experiences a dental emergency, we encourage you to call our office right away.  As an emergency dentist, we can restore damaged teeth quickly using solutions like dental crowns.  If the emergency is a toothache, we can examine you, identify the problem and either treat it with a dental filling or perform a root canal. 

For pediatric to geriatric care, call our Greensboro, NC office at (336) 387-7944.  If you are calling about a special needs patient or infants please let us know so that we can allow for a longer appointment time. 

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