What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

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A dental emergency can happen when your teeth, gums or jaws are injured. Even if you have what seems to be a mild injury, it can cause serious problems to these areas later. For example, an injury that damages the pulp of the tooth may kill the pulp and cause the need for a root canal later. Ignoring an issue can lead to a more serious injury later on, so it is a good idea to get treatment as soon as you experience an injury or another dental emergency. There are several different injuries and conditions that can be considered dental emergencies. An individual who is experiencing any of these things should visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Dislodged tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth, it is important to see a dentist immediately. The emergency dentist might be able to save the tooth, but only if a patient acts quickly. After an hour, the chances of saving the tooth decrease drastically. To care for a dislodged tooth, the individual should pick up the tooth by the crown, not the roots. A patient can rinse the tooth with warm water if it has been exposed to dirt, blood or other contaminants. It is important to avoid rubbing any tissues on the tooth, as this can be necessary to reattach the tooth.

The dislodged tooth should be placed in a container that has milk in it. The milk’s proteins can help to keep the tooth alive until a patient can get to an emergency dentist. This will increase the chances of saving the tooth.

Tooth abscess

This is an infection of the tissues around the tooth. It usually happens between the teeth. It can damage the gum, tooth and bone tissue if it is not treated, which is why it needs immediate treatment. In some cases, the bacteria from this infection can spread to other areas of the patient’s body. This can cause serious illness.

Fractured jaw

When an individual’s jaw is fractured, the teeth in the mouth can become misaligned. The teeth may also be damaged from this fracture if it is not treated quickly. An oral surgeon may be right for helping to treat this. However, if a patient cannot get to an oral surgeon immediately, then an emergency dentist can help to stabilize the area.

Gum injury

A deep cut or another injury to the gums is important to treat. A deep injury to the gums can cause problems for the surrounding teeth. An emergency dentist can also help the bleeding to stop. Gum injuries can bleed for a long time.

Get help for a dental emergency

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, then you should visit an emergency dentist. Whether it is a tooth abscess or a dislodged tooth, these injuries will not heal on their own. A fractured jaw can cause serious damage if left untreated. Visit an emergency dentist today to get help.

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