Visit a Same Day Dentist Before You Go on Summer Vacation

Same Day DentistAs a same day dentist using CEREC technology, we are improving our patient's smiles, and doing so quickly. If you are planning a summer vacation but are facing current dental challenges, or don't like the way that your smile appears, call our office and schedule an appointment immediately. As a same day dentist, we can address all of the challenges you are facing without delay. This will allow you to head out on vacation and smile confidently in your family photos, rather than feeling as though you need to hide your smile. It also means that you won't need to be concerned about what to eat, or whether or not you are going to suffer a toothache during your trip. There's nothing worse than being on vacation and needing to find an emergency dentist. That can take a day or two away from your planned activities and ruin your family time. By being proactive and visiting our dentist office first, we can help you to address any issues so that your vacation is fun and worry-free.

What You Should Know About CEREC

CEREC technology is the modern solution to dental restorations.  Is this procedure, we are able to create restorations while you wait. Traditionally, if you needed a dental veneer or a dental crown, for example, we would need to make an impression of your teeth and take measurements that would then be sent to a dental lab for production. It could take several weeks to have a restoration sent back to our office. In the meantime, you would need to wear a temporary crown which could be uncomfortable and create further challenges. With a traditional procedure, you would also face the challenge of needing to return to our office one or two times to complete the process. This is incredibly inconvenient, especially if you are planning a fun family adventure.

How a Same Day Dentist Can Help You

#1 Restore your damaged teeth.

If your tooth has been cracked or chipped, we can restore it using a natural tooth-colored dental crown. This will allow you to eat like normal and smile with confidence.

#2 Treat decay quickly.

As a same day dentist, we can treat your tooth decay right away and provide you with a restoration so that you won't have a toothache on your summer vacation.

#3 Improve the appearance of your smile right away.

We can use CEREC technology to improve your smile by closing small gaps in between your teeth, covering dark stains, changing the shape of your teeth, correcting damage and more.  All of this can be done in one visit to our same day dentist office.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Same Day Dentist Office

We can examine you, take X-rays, and let you know how we can assist you using CEREC. During your appointment let us know what concerns you have in regards to the appearance of your teeth and smile along with any health challenges that you are facing. We are confident that using CEREC technology we can provide you with the improvements and restorations you need to have a wonderful smile on your summer vacation.

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