How Long Do CEREC Restorations Last?

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Thanks to advanced dental technology in the form of CEREC® restoration, you can take care of all your dental problems at once. If you have problems with your teeth, the last thing you want to do is make frequent visits to see a dentist. Now, just imagine if you could have everything done in one appointment. Find out more below.

What is a CEREC restoration?

The acronym, CEREC, stands for Ceramic Restoration or Chairside Economical Restoration. Either way, this is a high-tech system capable of designing high-quality and metal-free dental restorations. With this, dentists use either CAM or CAD to design and create restorations that look just like natural teeth. The process is fast and the outcome great.

The incredible benefits

Although CEREC restoration offers patients many benefits, one of the biggest has to do with convenience. For instance, if a patient needs to have a crown, rather than make multiple trips to the dentist, they can have it done in one sitting. Especially for individuals who have extremely busy schedules, this is fantastic news. Unlike going to the dentist twice for a crown, once to have a mold made and then weeks later to get the crown put on, CEREC requires just one visit to a dental clinic. With this service, a dentist can complete the entire process quickly and efficiently.

Additional reasons for CEREC restoration

Along with crowns, this dental procedure works great for both inlays and overlays. No matter what a patient needs, the CEREC restoration process is also a lot more accurate and comfortable than traditional crowns, inlays, and overlays. The dentist takes an impression digitally, so plaster is not used as they did for many years in the past. Because CEREC restoration uses just one block of solid ceramic as opposed to metal or pressed ceramic, it can withstand stronger chewing. There is one final benefit worth mentioning. With this innovative solution, the dentist can get the ceramic much closer to the patient’s natural tooth color.

How long will CEREC last?

For the most part, a patient can expect a CEREC restoration to last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. To make them last the longest, dental professionals tell patients to avoid grinding the teeth or biting down hard on them. If someone tends to grind their teeth at night, a special mouthguard works great to prevent that. As long as the patient follows the dentist’s instructions, there should not be any issues with a CEREC restoration. And having a tooth that looks exactly like all the natural ones is a big plus. For anyone interested in learning more, they can consult with a dental professional.

Are you ready to smile again?

If you struggle with smiling, you might want to consider CEREC. This pain-free procedure is fantastic. And as mentioned, it will save you time. Thanks to this method of enhancement, you can look and feel great again.

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