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Restoring a tooth with a dental crown has many benefits. A crown can protect and save a tooth from severe damage. Because of the latest dental advances, you can now choose from myriad materials for your dental crowns. If you want to get a dental crown soon, here are your options.

Ceramic or porcelain

Either material is a popular material for dental crowns. Porcelain or ceramic provides the patient’s tooth a more natural look. It blends with the patient’s natural teeth. Dentists use porcelain or ceramic crowns for restoring front teeth. Most patients choose either type of dental crown because of its aesthetic quality. Both ceramic and porcelain dental crowns are non-toxic, without any metal component.


Although gold dental crowns look golden, these restorations are a combination of different metals like chromium, nickel, and copper. Gold crowns are durable, slow to wear down, and resistant to stains. Even so, not many patients choose these crowns because of aesthetic concerns. A gold crown is readily visible, especially if it replaces a front tooth. That is why most patients prefer this material for the back teeth.

PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal)

Many dentists have been using PFM crowns for at least 50 years. These crowns have metal foundations that add strength. That is why a PFM crown is ideal for the back teeth that are involved in constant chewing. The combination of porcelain and metal is also a good form of tooth restoration for the front teeth. If the top porcelain part incurs damage, the dental lab can repair it. Stability remains in the rest of the crown because of the metal base.

PFM crowns are also ideal for implants and bridges. Because of its durability and aesthetic value, a PFM crown can protect a tooth after a root canal. It can also restore and strengthen a tooth that has excessive damage and staining. Its metal base provides significant security to the entire tooth. Many patients prefer PFM crowns because there is less tooth sensitivity.

Lithium disilicate

This material is active in E-max dental crowns. This is a type of all-ceramic crown that is thin and light. It provides good aesthetic value to the patient’s mouth. That is why it is a good choice for the front and back teeth. E-max crowns are extremely strong. These crowns can last long with proper care and dental checks.


Although zirconia is a new type of material for crowns, it is a clear choice for many. It has the strength of metal and the good looks of porcelain. Layered zirconia and translucent zirconia crowns are getting high demands. Some people prefer layered zirconia because it mimics the coloration of natural teeth. Others like translucent zirconia because its surface is closer to the appearance of natural enamel.

With myriad choices of material, you can get the dental crown that suits your needs

The dental crown industry has been providing patients with durable restorations with various materials. Porcelain, ceramic, lithium disilicate, zirconia, and PFM crowns are popular among many patients because of their durability and good looks. Gold crowns are more extravagant, so most people want them for the back teeth. Discussing these materials with your dentist can help you decide which crown can meet your needs.

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