Cosmetic Dentistry: Guide to Professional Teeth Whitening

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Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. It improves the appearance of the teeth to make smiles more radiant. It is advisable to learn about the procedure beforehand so you can prepare accordingly.

Professional teeth whitening

Whitening treatment is usually recommended for people who have stains on their teeth due to factors such as aging, poor oral hygiene, coffee, tea or cigarettes. The whitening treatment involves the application of an oxidant and light enamel to break down the stains and brighten the teeth. The following are the major steps involved in this cosmetic dentistry whitening procedure:

Examination and preparation

Before commencing the procedure, the cosmetic dentist will examine the patient’s oral cavity. This is to ascertain the color and condition of the teeth and create a treatment plan if any problem is detected. Then, the dentist will use a shade guide to compare the current shade to the possible shade the teeth will have after the whitening treatment.

The oral cavity will be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the mouth is clean and sterile throughout the process. This will prevent cross-infection, complications and ensure optimal whitening results. The teeth will be isolated and the soft tissues, including the lips and gum tissues, will be protected with a lip retractor and gingival barrier.

Whitening procedure

After preparing the oral cavity, the cosmetic dentist will apply the whitening agent directly to the teeth. They will adjust the concentration of the agent based on the present shade and condition of the teeth. Laser light will be shined directly on the teeth, which will work with the whitening agent to break down the stain pigments on the teeth and accelerate the whitening process. The entire procedure takes less than an hour, depending on the type of whiteners and the target teeth shade.

The whitening process is usually repeated until the desired shade is achieved. Afterward, the dentist will ask the patient to rinse their mouth with water. Over the next few days, the teeth will brighten, which means they will look whiten than immediately after the treatment.

Points to note

Teeth whitening in cosmetic dentistry is not advisable for patients with allergies to dental whiteners, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children below 16 years and those with exposed roots and gum inflammation. If gum pain and swelling occur after exposure to teeth whiteners, the dentist needs to be informed immediately.

Professional teeth whitening is generally safe. However, patients may experience slight discomfort or pain. The severity of pain differs based on the structure of the patient’s enamel. Those with severe teeth sensitivity need to be cautious about whitening treatments. The dentist may prescribe pain relievers to alleviate discomfort. 

After whitening, it is advisable to avoid colored foods, especially dark ones that may discolor the teeth. Since the teeth will be quite sensitive afterward, it is also better to avoid hold or cold foods. Good oral hygiene is important to ensure that the teeth stay bright and shiny for long.

In conclusion

If you are thinking of undergoing teeth whitening, it is best to visit a cosmetic dentistry practice with experience in teeth whitening. They will examine the teeth and develop a treatment plan to restore the appearance of your smile.

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