5 Important Things To Know About Getting CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC Dental Crowns Greensboro, NC

If your dentist has suggested getting CEREC® dental crowns, you probably have a tooth that needs repair or protection. Crowns are the go-to option for patients who have cracked, broken or fractured teeth. They are also used for teeth that cannot be repaired with dental fillings or that have recently undergone a root canal. Before getting these crowns, there are basic things you should know about the procedure.

Facts about CEREC dental crowns

CEREC dental crowns are a durable, same-day dentistry option for patients looking to quickly restore their smiles. The following are vital things every patient should know about this type of crown.

The procedure is completed in a single visit

Technological advancements in same-day dentistry made the idea of completing dental restorations in a single day possible. With computer-aided design and milling machines, the dentist can prepare the tooth, take impressions and place the dental crown in one day. Regular dental crowns typically require teeth preparation, impressions and a temporary crown. Patients must then return a few weeks later to get the permanent crown. In less than 90 minutes, the dentist can complete the dental crown restoration with CEREC technology.

No temporary crowns are necessary

Before, patients had to wear temporary crowns for some time, while the permanent crown was being fabricated in a dental lab. The temporary crowns were usually created from acrylic material and did not fit properly. Also, they were not as strong and were therefore prone to breakage, causing unwanted inconvenience.

They ensure accurate treatment

CEREC technology uses only digital impressions, which are forwarded to the milling machine. For regular crowns, dentists use a mold to take impressions. This is not as comfortable and tends to be less exact. Poorly fitting crowns are more likely to break or dislodge as well.

The use of CEREC digital technology removes the element of human error when taking impressions. The crown is more accurate, meaning it will have a better fit.

They have better durability

CEREC crowns are strong because they are produced from a block of porcelain material. This makes the crown sturdier than most options available, including composite resin crowns. It also offers better cosmetic appeal. The dentist can customize the crown to match the shade of existing teeth for a more natural-looking smile. A full porcelain crown is as strong as the natural teeth and less prone to crack or fracture.

The entire process is done in-house

Having to outsource the production of dental crowns to a dental laboratory can make the restoration procedure more expensive. In some cases, the crown may have a poor fit, despite the long waiting period. In this case, the crown will be returned for adjustment, significantly extending the treatment duration. By contrast, CEREC dental crowns are fabricated in the dental office, which means any adjustment is made on-site. This shortens the treatment period and allows the patient to get a new smile quickly.

Final note

If you have a damaged tooth, you can save it from extraction by adding another layer of protection. It will not only make the teeth functional but also improve the appearance of your dentition. To get started with the process, contact a dental office today for an appointment.

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