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Emergency Dentist in Greensboro

Emergency Dental Care for toothaches

For Dental Extraction Call (336) 253-0072


For Root Canal or other Comprensive Dental Treatment call (336) 272-4177



Emergency Dental Care

You may have reached our website because of an urgent dental emergency that needs immediate attention. If you have a toothache, need dental extractions, or have any other type of dental needs, we can help and we provide emergency dentist care.


  • We have expertise in treating dental emergencies such as tooth trauma and tooth pain.
  • The office is conveniently located on Magnolia Street off of Wendover Avenue (DIRECTIONS), only minutes from downtown Greensboro and Moses Cone Hospital.
  • Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities are often poorly equipped to treat dental emergencies, so we have time built into their schedule every day to treat your dental emergency.
  • The doctors and their dental team will serve as your “dental emergency room” for all of your dental treatment needs.

What are Dental Emergencies?

Often, dental emergencies such as pain, infection, swelling, or tooth trauma call for immediate attention. Dental trauma can result from sports injuries, falls, violence, and automobile collisions. After trauma to your teeth, it is crucial to visit a dentist immediately.

Tooth pain should not be ignored, as it can indicate a serious problem such as infection. Infections left untreated can be life-threatening. There are different types of toothaches, depending on the underlying cause. Our staff will help determine the cause of your pain and discuss your options for treatment. You can be certain that your oral and overall health are at the center of recommendations for treatment.
Facial swelling is also a serious dental emergency. Swelling in the mouth can indicate infection, cancer, cysts, or trauma, all of which require immediate attention. 

If our diagnosis of your condition ever calls for treatment outside of our office, we work with excellent groups of specialists for referrals.

Financial Policy for Emergency Patients

We recognize the need for short-notice availability to address the urgent dental care needs for this large population.  In response to this “gap” in dental emergency care, we have adjusted our emergency fees and schedule in order to try and accommodate these dental patients. 

Our Dental Extraction Emergency Treatment fee is $250.00 payable with Cash or Credit Card (no checks). 

This includes:

  1. Diagnostic Exam
  2. Required Radiographs
  3. Tooth Extraction
  4. Post-op Visit

If the patient desires to only have the tooth evaluated and considers the additional therapies required to save the tooth the fee is only $100.00.  It is our hope that this will increase access to dental care in our community.  We will also use this appointment to educate and encourage the need for comprehensive dental treatment.
We will do our best to see the patients as quickly as possible to treat their dental emergency. 


How to Handle Mouth Trauma in a Dental Emergency

  • Expect bleeding and stay calm! Clean the area to adequately identify the trauma.
  • Determine if a tooth is broken, loosened, or even knocked out, and proceed as outlined below.
  • If the tooth is mal-aligned or knocked out, call your dentist because you have one hour to receive the treatment needed to “save” the tooth.


Primary Teeth
(before age 7)

Adult Teeth
(age 7 and above)

Handling Instructions

Broken tooth

Find pieces

Find pieces

Keep pieces for dental appointment

If tooth mal-aligned

Attempt to realign

Attempt to realign

See dentist within 1 hour

Knocked out (avulsed)

Do NOT replace into socket

Touch only the crown: rinse lightly to remove obvious dirt, reinsert*

See dentist within 1 hour

*The root is covered with fibers that aid in re-implantation. If unable to reinsert, keep tooth moist by
placing it in milk, saliva, or under the tongue.

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