Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Make a Good First Impression

Cosmetic_dentistry_first_impression“Nearly one-third (29%) of Americans say the first aspect of someone’s face they typically notice is his or her teeth”and 24% say this is also the facial aspect that they remember the most after meeting someone.

The first thing I notice about a person is the smile. Really for me it’s their teeth, but I am a dentist so that doesn’t exactly count, right?  The truth is that many people  report the first thing they notice about another person is their smile.

Most people would like straighter, whiter teeth.  However what I would like to focus in this article is a smile that is ruined by having one single crown front unsightly front tooth.   We have discussed this topic before but it comes up on a regular basis in our dental office and is worth revisiting.

This being said, you have probably have noticed a tooth in someone’s mouth that looks bad.  It is too white, bright and has a black line at the gum-line.  This might even be the case with a tooth in your mouth.  What exactly is wrong with that tooth?

What you are noticing is a tooth that has an older crown.  To be more specific this is an older gold crown with white porcelain baked on the surface.  This is known as a PFM, porcelain fused to metal crown.  This crown is still commonly used for back teeth and for decades was used on front.  Historically PFM crowns have caused dentist, dental lab and ultimately the patient to compromise esthetics for a structurally sound crown.  The problem with PFM crowns on front teeth have been that the gold has been masked by a really opaque white layer and then attempted to be covered with tooth colored porcelain.  As a result the tooth appears too bright compared to other teeth and the silvery-black oxidized portion of the gold alloy shows at the gum line.

You may wonder can anything be done to fix an unsightly PFM crown.  Yes!  Fortunately there is an array of metal free, all ceramic options now available that are strong, durable and highly esthetic.  Unfortunately this fix is really a “replace” option, meaning that the old crown will need to be removed from the tooth and a new crown fabricated.

Ask your dentist to find out what is involved in replacing a PFM crown in the front of your mouth.

cosmetic dentist Today’s post was written personally by Drs. David and Janna Civils. Do you have a question for either Dr. David or Dr. Janna?  We would love to hear from you!

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