The Children’s Cavity Contract

Greensboro Pediatric DentistIn our office we start seeing children at the eruption of their first tooth, usually between the ages of six-months and a year.  This may come to a surprise to many people, but this is what is recommended the American Association of Pediatric Dentist.  Children this young do not have cavities and by implementing preventative strategies – the parent and dentist can prevent tooth decay all together.

According to the current research, there are specific oral health habits that will make getting a cavity very unlikely. Conversely, dental cavities become very likely without these preventative measures.

We have outlined these dental prevention habits. If you do your part at home and we do our part in the dental office, then we can work together successfully to give your child a beautiful and healthy, “no-cavities” smile.

One of the tools we use in our office to help prevent tooth decay is the “Cavity Contract.”  The Cavity contract is a list of specific behaviors that need to be checked-off.  By following the guidelines below give the parents a template to help ensure that we are growing happy and healthy smiles.

At Home:

__ Brush morning and night with adult help

__ Floss daily

__ Fluoride rinse when able to expectorate

__ Schedule regular check-ups at 6-month intervals

__ Avoid “sugar-bug” parties (no suckers, gum, or juice)

In Our Office:

__ Prophy cup cleaning

__ Regular exam following any clinical concerns across time

__ Timely referrals when and if needed

__ Fluoride varnish or trays

__ Radiographs taken every 6 months if high risk or every year if low risk

__ Sealants (signed “Sealant Contract”)

__ Restorative needs completed within 2 months of diagnosis

Greensboro Pedatric DentistToday’s post was written personally by Drs. David and Janna Civils. Do you have a question for either Dr. David or Dr. Janna?  We would love to hear from you!

Drs. David and Janna Civils

1114 Magnolia Street 
Greensboro, NC

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