Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Halloween Candy Buy-BackWe are helping the Halloween hangover of too much candy (and healthy smiles) by giving kids an equally appealing trade off, candy for money.   We are redefining the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.”  This Halloween, trick-or-treaters can bring their excess candy to our office  and receive $1 per pound up to 5 pounds.  We are leading this anti-decay movement by giving away dollars and other non-cavity invoking treats in exchange for Halloween candy

“A little candy is fine in moderation.  However the amount of candy that children get for Halloween is often excessive and can remain in the house for weeks or even months.  Having a large amount of candy readily accessible is the perfect opportunity for prolonged sugar exposure, snacking in between meals, and poor dietary habits that causes tooth decay.”

Global sugar consumption for kids increases by about 2% annually and currently sits at 50 million tons per year, which means parents need to be sure their kids teeth are being cared for more than ever.  In addition to hurting children’s teeth, excess candy can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain.  In some cases, the wrong types of candy can also lead to broken teeth and damaged braces.

We will be buying-back candy at our office in Greensboro the day after Halloween from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Our Office Manager, Karen, otherwise known as the “official candy coordinator,” explains: “Children bring in their unopened candy. We will weigh the candy, and pay $1 per pound of candy up to five pounds. Then we have the kids draw a picture or write a note for the troops. Our candy is donated to Operation Gratitude who package and send the candy as part of a care package overseas to our troops.

However, the real value comes for the parents and their kids when they learn that all that extra candy is a charity donation for American military troops.


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3 Responses to Halloween Candy Buy-Back

  1. Gia says:

    I love this program because people don’t realize what a huge problem tooth decay mouth pain is for children, it is in fact the number one chronic childhood illness today. Halloween in particular is a time when parent really need to be aware of how much candy their kids are eating and making sure they understand oral care and prevention. This year I am contributing to that and donating to America’s Toothfairy: http://bit­.ly/rj2K08 It is a great way to help with a healthier Halloween!

  2. Kristen Kevorkian says:

    Great idea Dr Civils!! Though I won’t be participating (my daughter is one and therefore is not getting any candy) I look forward to future candy buy backs. I love candy and remember the big bags we would get trick or treating. I would even eat the candy I did not particularly like, thinking How could I throw this away or give it to my sibs? Thats less candy for me!” Give children a positive option instead of extra sugar is wonderful :) Thanks for taking care of our little ones!

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