Wedding Day “Dental” Emergency Kit

Most Brides (or Bridesmaids) are familiar with the traditional Wedding Day Emergency Kit that includes all the items to take care of any wedding day emergencies.  The emergency kits typically include such items as  a sewing kit, band-aids, and an antacid.    In preparation for the launch of our Wedding Wow Contest for one lucky couple to win a Zoom teeth Whitening we have created the “Wedding Day “Dental” Emergency Kit.”

The Wedding Day “Dental” Emergency Kit

The “Wedding Day “Dental” Emergency Kit includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, a couple of pieces of sugar free gum and of course our business card in case there really is a real dental emergency before the wedding.  These items are all put together in a white lacy package that is sure to compliment everyone’s wedding accessories.

There is however a couple of things all couples can do weeks before their wedding to ensure that their smiles look their best on the big day.  A routine cleaning and dental exam minimize the chance of any underlying dental problem occurring on the wedding day.  This is also a good opportunity to have any have stains on the teeth polished away by the dental hygienist.  To further whiten the teeth in preparation for the big day there are some great alternatives depending on time and budget that can be performed.

“Remember, you are not fully dressed until you put on your smile”

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